I believe in the power of stories

Motivational speakers make me tired

Ageing is cool and World Peace is impossible

Riding bikes without a helmet is fun

Our current love affair with Safety is overwhelming and renderingĀ us petty and boring

People who jump out of planes and scale sheer cliffs are insane and completely wonderful (but I am not one of these people)

Flexibility is essential

You are fine despite what most advertising will have you believe

Alain de Botton is the Bomb (look him up)

My favourite colour is red

Details are important

Telco companies are weird

We have very little control over life (if any) and should probably stop thinking we do

Destiny and Fate? Not sureā€¦but Luck is being completely overlooked

The practice of wearing petticoats needs to come back

Telephone banking is the Best

Drinking alone is perfectly fine as long as you do it with a nice cheese platter


I want to marry Batman