IS ABOUT: Empowering, Inspiring and Celebrating Women

VALUES: Respect and Being Real

BELIEVES:  Art should inspire, comfort and be relevant

SPIRIT IS: Cheeky and Down to Earth (and a little bit serious sometimes)

Empowerment at The Goddess Project means ‘feeling OK about yourself’.  Simple idea but it seems so many of us feel (unreasonably) that we are ‘unworthy’ or ‘not good enough’ in some or all aspects of ourselves.
Feeling unworthy tends to hold us back from enjoying the best parts of ourselves and our lives…not to mention that hanging out with Unworthy feels totally shitty (and drinking with Not Good Enough sux too!)
SO The Goddess Project makes art to remind women that we’re OK, that we’re not perfect and that’s cool and that having a good belly laugh at ourselves sometimes is much cheaper than counselling and better for the soul 🙂

The Project is to draw 50 goddesses, exploring all manner of women’s stuff 🙂  As each Goddess is drawn she’ll be posted on Instagram (kate.churchward) and go up in my shop for sale.  At the end of the project, and on a serious note, 10% of total sales will be donated to the White Ribbon campaign to prevent men’s violence against women –

You can buy them as high quality art prints and cushions – made by The Goddess Project – at my Big Cartel shop (it’s a link ;):
Website Big Cartel graphicOR Red Bubble can apply the Goddesses to phone and laptop covers, gorgeous hardcover journals, framed prints, metal prints, tote bags…I could go on but I think you get the idea.  Probably best to check it out for yourself! 😉
Website Red Bubble graphic

THE GODDESSES! – What are they about??

Goddesses #1 to #10 – Fifty Shades of Fuck You

Most of us have been raised to be respectful and kind to others.  Which is a very good thing and works well when everyone else is playing the same way.  But what do we do when the world doesn’t play nice?  This first series of Goddesses are here to remind you that sometimes a good old fashioned Fuck You is an appropriate recourse when the World tries to step on your toes!  The paradox is that sometimes it takes a little disrespect to gain respect (or at least, retain a little bit of sanity ;)….come and meet them, find out what they’ve got to say!

Goddesses #11 to #19The Great Gay Goddess Gallery

The Great Gay Goddess Gallery presents the richness of gay and lesbian culture through her multifaceted modern identities.  This body of work uses the concept of The Goddess to explore themes of self expression and identity and the key theme works around the notion that our identities are expressions of the same female essence.  Considering ourselves and others in this way can dissolve the idea of difference, inspire curiosity and make it possible to wonder at the breadth and beauty of what being female is.  This work is in progress and will be exhibited as part of the Midsumma Festival down here in Melbourne during January and February 2017 – please dates and exhibition details via the link above :).  Opening night is Friday 20th January 2017 and for sneak peaks of the work please click here!